In today's fast moving and international economy, companies and firms often need to retain the services of specialists to support/mentor their existing personnel or carry out specific assignments on their behalf. In the legal field this type of work requires specialized individuals who have the skills, experience and credentials to tackle these projects on behalf of their businesses, clients and partners. Cape International was founded to provide such an individual service

What Does the Service Cover?

  • Managing business negotiations between multiple parties and government agencies where a high degree of legal acumen and understanding is required
  • Advising companies on international acquisitions, divestments and financial re-structuring
  • Supporting international expansion into new markets with a particular emphasis on trading agreements and local regulatory requirements
  • Supporting companies establishing manufacturing and logistics infrastructures in new markets to include property development and local regulatory requirements
  • Relationship management of Suppliers and Partners to improve and restructure business relationships to the benefit of all parties
  • Mentoring business management and legal teams on how to operate in new markets and countries with a particular emphasis on business modus operandi

All these services require a blend of proven legal and commercial acumen with international expertise to deliver successfully and add value to a business enterprise

How Will the Service Be Delivered?

Services are delivered in one of two ways, either:

  • On retention - agreed delivery over a set period to support and mentor existing business and legal teams. This can be on an ad hoc or project-specific basis
  • By assignment - delivery of a project with specific terms of reference and goals over an agreed period. The services can be delivered as an individual assignment or working as a fully integrated member of a client's business team

What Are the Benefits?

  • A very cost effective way of adding the skills and expertise that may not be available from a client's existing personnel or partner resources
  • Unlike a consultancy project, the service will take ownership of its agreed delivery and goals
  • Clients will deal directly with the persons who will deliver the service they require

Preferred Client Association

Cape International's objective is to develop a close working relationship with select clients to ensure the correct delivery of advice and services. This will involve understanding the clients' strategic objectives, business modus operandi, aspirations and relationships

Cape international will agree a full scope of work and contact list before any service delivery commences

Cape International will appoint a single point of contact with regard to the set up and execution of the agreed outsourced service

Cape International will complement clients' professional advisers, working closely alongside them when directed

Organizational Structure

Cape International provides access to its network of strategic partners, with highly experienced professional associates in most regions of the world. The firm is able to tailor a team of experts to the meet the needs of each transaction and its phases

Cape International is organized to be a complete firm providing the services relating to structuring and financing projects and transactions, especially where regulatory authorities are involved